Montadora Brasileira de Sistemas Pneumáticos
Day to day solutions
Lower your costs and impove your logistics. Invest in pneumatic transportation. Here are the reasons why:

Internal logistics have unique needs, and we have unique solutions.We know your needs and have developed solutions that emphasise results with a good cost-benefit. We have solutions for hospitals, industries, money transportation or any other internal logistical need. From a simple point-to-point system to huge complexly intergrated networks, you will find your solution with us.

A system ideal for your hospital:

Transport medication and/or lab samples rapidly to any part of the hospital, reducing costs and increasing productivity

Make your industry more efficient:

Reduce the risk of accidents by reducing the circulation of people. Reduce costs and speed-up production. Send samples and documents via our systems

Protect your money:

Increase the safety of your business, bank, toll booth or comerce by inhibiting the open circulation of money. Our systems will safely transport your valuables from anywhere to anywhere.